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My bunny - Tell me a story...

hot419femSep. 9th, 2005 10:25 am My bunny

Jess had just dropped out of college stating that it was to hard. Every one that she worked with at the mall told her that she would be perfect for playboy. Jess was 5'7" , light brown skin, a mix of different browns in her long hair, a size five in jeans, but the only reason she was that big was because of her perfectly round butt, and D cup breast to add to the package.Jess had always wanted to be in playboy since she was a small girl, watching the movies and drooling over the other women.

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Date:September 11th, 2005 12:03 am (UTC)
Of course, Jesse hadn't been the only one to notice all this.
She flung open the window to her bedroom, careful to pull the curtains back to reveal the room of her apartment to the city block. She pulled her shirt over her head and unsnapped her bra, letting the clothing drop to the floor.
And as she stood and admired herself in the mirror, her thoughts drifted out through the open window.
'how dare that bitch at work wear such a tight shirt so ugly she's so ugly with all of that stupid acne and how dare she look at me as though she's my equal how dare she'
She pushed at the soft pink swell of her naked breasts, as if for reassurance.
And as she continued to admire herself, her thoughts gently carressed the delicate ears of a nearby being.
He stood upon the branch of a tree rising at Jesse's window, leaning against the trunk, his motion so fluid as to be unnatural. His black cloak swished against his ankles. Like a shadow, save for the bleach of his flesh, white and gaunt and smooth as a stone rolled by the sea. His gaze, filled with a casual coldness, betrayed nothing of the flame of lust burning within him as he stared in at Jesse.
As he listened to this human's pretty thoughs, the flame leaped higher, licking at his insides. Such arrogance, he thought. The girl was stripping off her jeans now. Such perfect arrogance.
Her long hair was tickling the arch of her back in a way that was maddening to the figure beyond the window. Suddenly he could wait no longer. He leaped through the window, his cloak flaring like the wings of a terrible bat. The curtains whipped together, blocking the outside world.
He seized the girl about her thin waist, throwing his hand over her mouth. He could feel her hot panicked breath against her skin, and the flame within him seared.
Jesse may have screamed, she wasn't sure. She watched her own expression in the mirror, her eyes seeming to tear from her skull in terror. A thin white hand crawled about her mouth like a spider. She could feel her bare flesh slipping against the smooth satin of this being's own as he drew her in to his long cloak, watching her in the mirror. His face was a porcelin mask of pure amusement.
"Such a pretty girl, Jesse...." His lips moved against her ear. She could feel his breath, it was like a cold December wind. All the while he didn't take his eyes from her reflection. "So pretty. I know that you agree with me. You must...Yes...But I can make you beautiful. You have been chosen, my beloved, chosen for your pretty thoughts as much as your pretty face."
A claw slipped from one of his white fingers, like a claw sliding from the paw of a cat, tracing the thin line of her jaw. Jesse began to tremble.
"But you are not beautiful, no. Your arrogance, your dependance upon the world to revolve around yourself, that is beauty. And I can give you beauty to match this gorgeous mind of yours."
He spun away from her, tearing his claws in to the soft flesh of her face. She screamed. Blood flashed from the gouges in her flesh, falling lightly upon the white face of the man.
But no, she realized. Not a man. Not a man at all.
He gathered himself up and swooped backwards, leaping to the window with his cloak billowing open.
And with a flash of white fangs split in to a satisfied smile, he let himself fall out from the window.
Jesse stared in horror at her reflection. A scared little girl clutching her mauled face, blood and tears dripping from her chin.
The man who had found her, the watchman of the apartment would later tell the mailman as he did his morning runs the next day, was tall and slender, gastly pale. He had said that he'd heard a scream coming from the fourth floor of the apartment and was concerned. And then he'd left as suddenly as he had come without another word.
Date:September 11th, 2005 01:31 am (UTC)
(Yay! I'm so glad some one finally posted something. ^^ It was getting kind of slow around here...)