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Tell me a story...

....but do it one sentance at a time.

One sentence at a time
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::Please read these rules before posting or leaving comments::

Each story will begin with a post containing one sentence; the first sentence of the story. Anyone may start a story.
To add a sentence or two (you may add up to five sentences per comment), comment directly to the original post so that LJ does not condense the comments, making the story difficult to read. Comments can be made to other comments (ie: "hey, great words!"), but if you are adding another portion to the story, make it to the post itself. If there are comments already added to the post, please read them so you have an idea where the story is at before commenting to add your own sentence. You may comment more than once to the same story.

Keep it drama free

The stories can take any direction and they can change direction as many times as there are people commenting. They can be humourous, sad, or completely 'out there'. Realize that every person here is different - do not bash individuals or their words. Show some respect or be shown the door.

*Please note - the community has a moderated membership for one reason: to keep spam out. If you're human (and not a bot), you'll be approved; no questions asked.